Abandoned places



Portugal, Faro.
After a lengthy search for a lodging place we finally managed to settle up in the house which belonged to one local granny. She didn’t know a word in English; nevertheless it was easy to communicate with the help of gestures. We even managed to knock down the price. To be truthful, on one occasion we had to ask the English speaking Portuguese on the street to write a note for us.



Announcement on the radio, “Due to severe storms and deep frost, it is recommended to stay indoors.”
Brilliant! It is the best time to visit the abandoned places in Liepaja!


Aivaras Vilkas
Donatas Žvirblis
Simonas Šileika

Jeep in Santorini


Yet another very interesting object we stumbled upon in Santorini Island (Greece). After swimming and easy diving in the sea near the stony beach (were our new friend “doggy” was very reluctant to let us go) we continued our journey. Suddenly my sharp eye registered something deserted. We stopped. My intuition didn’t deceive me. A little further from the main road there was an old long-forgotten vehicle, completely ”chewed up” by time “JEEP CJ-5” (?)(I can not sure about the model. I spent some time googling  and searching something similar. Most likely it is Jeep CJ-5, made in 1954-1983, also know as Willys CJ-5). Unfortunately, the lighting was far from perfect and I had to “reassemble” all the details that were swallowed by the dark shadow (The sun was mercilessly flashing straight into my lens while I was taking the picture of the “jeep”, and it was impossible to do the shot from the other side as there was a steep descend covered with tall grass). Well, but still it is a good trophy, so I consider the photo session quite successful.

Abandoned part of Santorini


More than a year passed since we travelled for nearly a month on the Greek islands. The last island we visited, a really impressive one and the one that evoked mixed feelings, was Santorini Island (probably you remember the articles Magic Sunset, Abandoned Hostel, Crashed OPEL KADETT and Colorful House in Santorini).  A lot of impressive shots were taken in this island so no wonder that many more interesting photos are still lying “at the back of the drawer”. Anyway, I decided to blow off the dust from them and see what else “abandoned” did we witnessed and experienced there.


Flashbacks in Antazave Manor

During the BRALI 2012 tour, we visited an extraordinary object in Zarasai district – Antazave Manor.
A very pleasant feeling overwhelmed us when we saw and entered the estate. First of all, the building was not vandalized in any way. It was just getting older over the years.  Maybe it was our mood, a momentum or something else… I don’t know, bet such places radiate warmth. Maybe the flashbacks, that occurred to me when I saw things so familiar to me from my childhood.
And yes, these are not true associations one would traditionally attach to the word “manor”. Nevertheless, it was a historical moment, recorded by us and in our time, that is, in 2012.
Sadly, for certain reasons, we had only 10-15 minutes to spare for the Manor. In a hurry and without my tripod, however, I was lucky to catch the atmosphere I wanted.

There’s nothing abandoned about it!

“Tamsta Muzika 2012″ festival.

Tank with the “broken neck”

A very interesting object from our tour around Lithuania BRALI 2012.
At the entrance to Orvidai homestead, a powerful IS-2 tank with the “broken neck” met us. This Russian tank (made in 1944) for years stood in a small town Salantai as a memorial until later was transferred to this place. It is said, that the tank’s head (turret) is askew not without a purpose.  Vilius Orvidas (creator of the homestead) placed the tank here not because he loved machinery or fostered some kind of nostalgic feelings for the Soviet war technology. For him, it was a horrible war symbol, a tank’s “corpse”.


BRALI 2012

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A 1900  km  in 7 days anti-clockwise trip with friends around our native country Lithuania.
That’s, probably, how I would briefly describe our project  “BRALI 2012”.
It was a journey that proved to us how beautiful and interesting country we have.  Loads of memorable moments, adventures, many towns visited, interesting objects seen. Follow the updates on Guli.lt. I’ll try to share with you at least a small piece of excitement from our wonderful trip.


I have my own SHIP

(3x zoom)

Author: Vilius Šileika. “SHIP” (metal painting). 2012

Big Thank You to my Family for a marvelous present for my birthday.



“ENEMALTA” petrol station

I‘ve noticed one thing – when travelling, taking pictures, curious passers-by often turn their eyes the same direction in which my lens is focused (as long as the focus is not on them, they don‘t mind). Often they look baffled “what the hell is he seeing? “ It is not a traditional well-trodden tourist site, but something strange (nicely decaying doors, for example, a collapsing building or… an abandoned petrol station). But those are the things that fascinate me most.
To your attention, a small but interesting object in Malta – an ancient abandoned “ENEMALTA” petrol station.



Popeye village

In 1980, in the Mediterranean island of Malta, Anchor Bay, a few kilometers from the village Mellieħa, Popeye Village was built specially for the Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions film “Popeye” (starring Robin Williams. You can watch the whole movie on Youtube. Find it below the post.)
The village consists of 19 authentic stylized wooden houses and other highlights of the movie. There was plenty to do for us, so we spent good several hours there. And, towards the end of our visit I suddenly noticed a “giraffe”, standing  far away on the hill : )
So, grab a can of spinach, make yourself comfortable and have fun adventure in the Popeye village!
“I’m Popeye the Sailor man!”


“Sun Ring” sunset

After a rather long break, I and my friends Donatas (niekonaujo.lt) and Tadas set off on a trip to see some abandoned places here in Vilnius, Lithuania. One of our targets was the abandoned hotel “Saulės žiedas” (“The Sun Ring”). I have to admit that I had rather high expectations for this place and was a little bit disappointed when I saw the building so vandalized and empty. On a rather warm spring day, the chilling humidity confronted us when we opened the door. Some of the rooms resembled skating-rinks; the floors were covered with a solid layer of ice. On the walls and ceilings – water drops and icicles.
Nevertheless, some rooms were pretty cozy – soft carpets under the feet, nice wallpaper, few things here and there. True, it was dark in some rooms as the windows were boarded up. But it provided the opportunity to test a wider range of my updated equipment and try variety of different photo techniques.
For your attention the report from the abandoned Vilnius hotel, few HDR shots, some colored with artificial lighting (as you remember, bright colors are not Photoshop effects!), some funny episodes with my colleagues, a couple of self-portraits and the last photo, a very interesting composition achieved by accidentally pushing the trigger while I was adjusting camera position on the tripod.
“Have a good time at our hotel.”


Chuck Norris & Co. in Malta

We were looking for a strange place, which we called The Beach of Green Glass. We knew it was located near a small town of Zurrieq.
We asked a local “sailor“ how to get there. He wasn‘t surprised by our question, just gave us directions to the Malta‘s landfill of waste. When we explained that we were actually interested in the Green glass beach, not the landfill, he invited us to his place, as he had a lot of junk and glass bottles.
Luckily, we didn’t find the “Beach” (as we later found out from our colleagues, who succeeded in getting there, it is the dark side of Malta and not a very pleasant place.) But, as it often happens, you go after one, you find another.
Zurrieq – a quiet, small town with small population but with many celebrities. We passed one house, patronized by… “Pink Floyd”!!! (houses here usually have their saint patrons). Then we met RAMBO, then some other celebrities, finally, in one of the town’s yards we met CHUCK NORRIS himself with his fellow friends. (more…)

Latvia. Autumn, 2011 (video)

A few months ago we together with Donatas Žvirblis and Aivaras Vilkas visited Latvia‘s abandoned military objects (we have already mentioned earlier this trip on: http://guli.lt/2011/11/colorful-bunkers-latvia/).
Since this time the trip was filmed, finally you have a chance to see with different eyes a film mounted by Aivaras Vilkas.


First night in Malta

Accommodation in Malta

A week ago we came back from a tiny but fascinating island – Malta. The trip was organized by our like-minded travelers www.bomzturas.lt, who always find ways how to travel cheap and have abundant of experience. Many thanks to Dainius Pilypas, the author of the project.
There were around 20 of us traveling to Malta, but we split into smaller groups, according to our own needs. We had several goals, one of which was to experience life of homeless, that is, to sleep rough in some abandoned places, at least some of the nights.
When we reached Malta, it was very late, so we had to find a place there to spend the night when it was already dark.
Here are a few night shots of our first night in Malta – our neighborhood, that cozy “hotel” or just a bird hunting lodge on the coast near the town Marsaxlokk.